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Dr Surekha Mariam Varghese

Professor and HOD


Established in the year 1990, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was the first to offer courses leading to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Technology under the M.G. University. Since its inception the department has been producing computer engineers of high-calibre, who make the workforce in numerous blue chip companies like Google, Microsoft, Infosys, Wipro, Siemens, Oracle, TCS, CTS and others.Salient Features:The curriculum is carefully designed to give the students a solid base by urging them ..

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 Provide quality education tuned to the challenging needs of technology to mould disciplined and socially committed engineers capable of   professional leadership with emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge, critical thinking as well as logical reasoning

Program Educational Objectives

PEO 1: Acquire knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline to excel in professional education and career

PEO 2 : Excel in designing, implementing and evaluating  computer based systems, from the view point of quality, security, cost, utility,  etiquette  and ethics

PEO 3: Engage in  lifelong  learning, career   enhancement and adapt to appropriate   techniques and social needs

PEO 4: Communicate effectively as a team and manage projects in multidisciplinary environments

PEO 5: Enrich the society by applying environmental ethics  reuse and minimal consumptions of resources for the sustainability of future generation

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: Design , develop, implement  and analyze algorithms and systems  for computational  problems using scientific principles. 
PSO 2: Achieve problem solving capabilities using logical reasoning , heuristic and brainstorming techniques. 
PSO 3: Develop secured and sustainable software systems using modern tools in software carpentry 
PSO 4 : Take up challenges and manage critical scenarios in system programming and web based arena