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Prof Leni Stephen

Professor and HOD


The civil engineering department is spearheaded by a highly competent, dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty. Full-fledged labs supplemented with modern machines make this course useful for students aspiring to excel in civil engineering. Ever since its inception in 1961, the sincere efforts and dedication of the department faculty has earned it a reputation as one of the most sought after in the state. &..

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To impart the students the fundamentals of civil engineering as well as the modern trends with due emphasis on the local conditions and traditional norms . This will be achieved by Enhancing know-how of staff Improvement of facilities Liaison with practice Upgrading of Curriculum A cordial staff student relationship

 Program Educational Objectives

PEO 1:  To provide students a sound foundation in mathematics, science and engineering   fundamentals to formulate, analyze and solve engineering and environmental   problems and prepare them for career excellence and higher studies.

PEO 2:  To develop ability among students to synthesize data and applying these in scientific   and technological concept to design new projects with conservation of natural resources.

PEO 3:  To prepare the students for a successful career in planning, designing, construction and maintenance of infrastructure to meet the needs of society.

PEO 4:  To provide platform for students to work as a part of a team on multidisciplinary projects

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1-    Knowledge    -  Know-why of Civil Engineering problems based on knowledge on Mathematics, Sciences and fundamentals of Engineering.

PSO2-    Proficiency    -  Proficiency in Civil Engineering problem identification, formulation, analysis, design and execution optimising the cost, time, quality and safety using appropriate tools.

PSO3-    Innovation  -    Out of the box thinking and continuous development attitude on anticipated industry demands applying Civil Engineering research and communicating the same to the peer Engineering community.

PSO4-   Societal  focus  -    Support to the society with solutions to various Civil Engineering problems focusing on sustainable development and upholding professional ethics.