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Dr Binu Markose



The Department of Mechanical Engineering of MACE is as old as the Institute itself. It is recognized as one of the best in the state. The department offers a comprehensive and extensive course combined with the excellent infrastructural facilities. The department, besides being piloted by elite faculty, what sets it apart from the flock is the laboratories - one of the best equipped in the country. The syllabus is reviewed regularly to incorporate the cutting edge technologies prevailing in the field from time to time. The Mechanical Engineering department has been producing exc..

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  • To facilitate comprehensive and integrated development of students by providing quality education that encourages sustainable practices.
  • To mould disciplined and socially committed engineers capable of assuming professional leadership upholding national integrity.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO 1: Excel in professional career and higher education by acquiring knowledge in mathematical, scientific and sustainable engineering principles and practices.

PEO 2: Analyze real life problems and design scientific and engineering systems appropriate to its solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable

 PEO 3: Exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, national integrity, communication skills and team work in their profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong  learning

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: To design, analyze and optimize thermo-fluid systems with due consideration on economic feasibility.

PSO 2:To acquire knowledge in advanced engineering materials compatible for  conventional and non-conventional manufacturing process with focus on precision manufacturing techniques.

PSO 3:To design and analyze mechanical machine elements using analytical and  computational tools, integrated with optimization techniques.

PSO 4:To acquire knowledge in engineering management pertaining to industries and apply these for finding optimal solutions to real life problems.