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    Dr Anniamma Chacko

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    Geotechnical Engineering

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Degree Year University Specialisation
BSc Engg. 1983 Cochin University Civil Engineering
MTech 1985 IIT Madras Geotechnical Engineerig
PhD 1999 CUSAT Geotechnical Engineering


1.Soil Mechanics
2.Foundation Engineering
3.Ground Improvement Techniques
4.Engineering Mechanics


Geotechnical Engineering –Ground Improvement Techniques

National conferences.
1 Role of coefficient of consolidation on precompression of soft clays (1995).Proc: of the Indian Geotechnical conference,Bangalore,Dec 95,Vol 1,pp 5-8
2.A method for designing a preloading system (1997). Proc: of the Indian Geotechnical conference,Vadodara,,Dec 97,Vol 1,pp 5-14
3. Effect of preloading on the compressibility characteristics of cochin marine clays,(2004)Proc:of the first CUSAT National conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering,Cochin, March 2004,pp 288-293,
International Conferences
1 Behaviour of preloaded Cochin marine clays (1998),Proc:of the 2nd International conference on Ground improvement techniques,Singapore,oct 98, ISBN 981-04-0234-1,pp 101-106
1Analysis of the consolidation of preloaded clays(1999), Proc:of the11th Asian Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering,Balkema,Rotterdam.ISBN 9058090531,pp 343-346
International journals.
1.Effect of flyash on the strength characteristics of soil(2013),Inter National Journal of Engineering Research and Development.e-ISSN:2278-067x,p-ISSN-800x,Vol6,Issue 4,March 2013.pp 61-64
2.Influence of position of geosynthetic layer in pavement(2013). Inter National Journal of Engineering Research and Development.e-ISSN:2278-067x,p-ISSN-800x,Vol6,Issue 4,March 2013 pp74-78
3.A study on strength characteristics of ordinary Portland cement due to storage. Inter National Journal of Innovative Research in Science,,Engineering and Technology.-ISSN:2319-8753Vol2,Issue3,March 2013

1.Member of Indian society for Technical Education
2. Member of Indian Geo-technical Society
3.Group Tutor 2003-07 batch
4.Staff in charge of Civil Engg. Dept Library
5.Staff in charge of Geo-technical Engineering


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