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    Prof Cijo Mathew

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    Assistant Professor

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    Production and Industrial Engineering

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12th September 2007

Degree Year University Specialisation
BTech 2003 MG University Mechanical Engineering
MTech 2006 MG University Production and Industrial Engg


Production and Management related subjects

 Production and Industrial Engineering

Papers published in international journals

1. Kiran M, Cijo Mathew, Jacob Kuriakose “Root Cause Analysis for Reducing Breakdowns in a Manufacturing Industry”, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2013.
2. Arun Narayanan, Cijo Mathew, VinodYeldo Baby “Improvement of Ergonomic Factors That Affects Employees in a Textile Industry”, International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology, Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2013.
3. Martin James, Cijo Mathew, Reji Mathew “Process Improvement for Reducing Critical Defects in Contraceptives”, International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology, Volume 2, Issue 8, February 2013.

Papers Presented in international conferences

1. Cijo Mathew, Dileeplal J., Kemthose P. Paul “Analyzing Major Factors Affecting Final Output Parameters of a Product in an Assembly Line Using Multiple Regression”, Proceedings of the Joint Statistical Meeting and International Conference on Statistics, Probability and Related Areas, Kochi, January 2007.

Papers Presented in national conferences

1. Cijo Mathew, Dileeplal J., Kemthose P. Paul “Analyzing Capability of a Process Using Process Capability Study where the Data is Non-Normal”, Proceedings of the National Conference on State of the Art of Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (NCSAME-2006), Hyderabad, 2006.
2. Cijo Mathew, Kemthose P. Paul “Analyzing Manufacturing Processes in An Assembly Unit using Process Capability Study”, National Level Technical Symposium ‘MEXSYM-06’, Kerala, 2006.
3. Peter Jose, Cijo Mathew “Development of a criticality based maintenance strategy for a paper manufacturing plant”, Proceedings of the National Conference on Recent Trends in Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering, Puthukottai, 2011.
4. Lijush Paul, Cijo Mathew “A hybrid algorithm for capacitated facility location problems”, Proceedings of the National Conference on Technology Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering, Pala, 2012.


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