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    Prof. Aby Abahai T

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    Associate Professor

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    Computer Science & Engineering

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Degree Year University Specialisation
BTech 1999 Calicut University Computer Science and Engineering
MTech 2009 NITK Surathkal Computer Science and Engineering


1.Compiler Design
2.Algorithm Analysis and Design
3.System Software
4.Theory of Computation
5.Artificial Intelligence
6.Object Oriented Programming


Data Structures and Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence

Sl no Title Name and Nature (National/International) of  Journal /  Conference Date of Conference /Issue & Year of Journal 
1 An intelligent Meta Search Engine for Efficient Web Document Retrieval  IOSR Journal of Computer Science Engineering Vol. 17, Issue 2, Mar-Apr 2015 pp 45-54
2 High Utility Itemset Mining using Improved Upgrowth+ Algorithm  International Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Vol.3 Issue 5, Nov 2015 pp 1335-1339
3 Multidimensional User Data Model for Web Personalization  International Journal of Computer Applications Vol. 69, Issue 12, May 2013,pp 32-37
4 Automatic Grading of  Figures in Digitilised Answer Scripts  International Journal for Scientific research and Development, IJSRD –  Vol. 3, issue 09,2015 \ ISSN(online) : 2321-0613, pp. 890-894,  Dec 2015 
5 Document Similarity Measure for Classification and Clustering using Tf-Idf International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering  Vol 3, Issue 02, Aug 2016
6 Work Load Awaree Replicated Datapartitioning for Twitter International Journal of Comp-uter Application Vol. 130 -no.4, November 2015
7 Automated Document Annotation for Effective Data Sharing  International Journal of Computer Science and Technology Vol. 6, Issue 4,Oct-Dec 2015 pp 13-16
8 Automatic Semantic Content Extraction from Videos using Genetic Algorith International Journal of Computer Applications Vol 128 Oct,2015
9 Multidimensional User Data Model for Web Personalization International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 69– No.12, May 2013
10 Optimized AO* Algorithm for And-Or Graph Search IOSR Journal of Computer Science Engineering Vol. 17,Issue 4 , Jul-Aug 2015 pp 124-127
11 An automated approach for mapping bug report to source code and bug triaging IJRASET  Volume 6,Issue VI,June 2018 PP 94-101
12 Detection and elimination of Denial of service attacking OLSR protocol usinf fake nodes IRJET Volume 5,Issue 4,April 2018,PP 2350-2355
13 Mapping bug report to relevant files and automated bug assigning to the developer IJRCSEIT Volume 3, Issue 1,January 2018 PP 1290-1295


1. ISTE Life Member
2.1.5 Years experience in Software development
3. AICTE affiliation committee member
4. NBA accreditation committee member
5. Infosys Campus Connect team member



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