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    Dr Brijesh Paul

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    Industrial Engineering

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11th June 1998

Degree Year University Specialisation
BTech 1994 MG University Mechanical Engineering
MBA 1996 Madras University Marketing Management
MTech 2003 IIT Madras Maintenance Engineering
PhD 2009 IIT Madras Industrial Engineering


1.Advanced Operations Research
2.Supply Chain Management
3.Project Management
4.Machine Design
5.Dynamics of Machinery

Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Non Traditional Optimization Techniques, Mathematical Models, Genetic Algorithms

1. Brijesh Paul and C. Rajendran, Optimal and heuristic base-stock levels and rationing policy for a divergent supply chain, International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010 - Vol. 5, No.4 pp. 460 - 484.
2. Brijesh Paul and C. Rajendran, Exact and heuristic algorithms for inventory rationing in a divergent supply chain with order costs, International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010 - Vol. 6, No.4 pp. 381 – 416.
3. Brijesh Paul and C. Rajendran, Rationing mechanisms and inventory control-policy parameters for a divergent supply chain operating with lost sales and costs of review, Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 38, Issue 8, 2011, Pages 1117-1130
4. Brijesh Paul and T.G. Pradeepmon, A hybrid algorithm for uncapacitated facility location problems, International Journal of Services, Economics and Management, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2011, Pages 197-206.
5. Brijesh Paul and T.G. Pradeepmon, A Simulated Annealing Based Hybrid Algorithm for Solving UFL Problems, International Journal of Applied Management Science (In Press).
6. Brijesh Paul, Kurian John and C. Rajendran, Rationing Policy and Inventory Optimization Models for a Three-Stage Divergent Supply Chain, INFORMS® annual meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, Oct 12-17, 2012.
7. Brijesh Paul, Sabu Kurian and Srijith Rajeev, A modified serial scheduling scheme for resource constrained project scheduling weighted earliness tardiness problem, International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences, Vol. 7, No. 3, 2015 pp. 241-254.

1. Research Guide in Mechanical Engineering
2. Reviewer for International Journal of Production Economics (Elsevier)
3. Reviewer for European Journal of Operational Research (Elsevier)
4. Reviewer for Naval Research Logistics (Wiley)
5. Professional experience of 2 1/2 years in Banking
6.PG Coordinator for M Tech in Production and Industrial Engineering

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