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    Dr Shajan Kuriakose

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    Professor and HOD

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    Manufacturing Engineerig

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9th September 1986

Degree Year University Specialisation
BTech 1986 Kerala University Mechanical Engg
M Tech 1996 IIT Madras Manufacturing Engineerig
PhD 2004 IIT Madras Manufacturing Engineerig


  1. Production Engg related subjects

Manufacturing Engineering

International Journals
1.Data Mining Applied to Wire-EDM Process
2.Multi-Variate Analyses of Wire Cut Electro Discharge Machining Process
3.Characteristics of Wire-Electrode Discharge Machined Ti6A14V Surface
4.Multi Objective Optimization of Wire-Electro Discharge Machining Process by Genetic Algorithm
International Conference
1.Probilistic Model of wire-Electro Discharge Machining for Prediction of Cutting Velocity
2.Influence of Electrode Material on Wire-Cut Electro Discharge Machining Process
3.The influence of Wire-Electro Discharge Machining for Machining a Titanium Alloy
National Confrence
1.Multi-Variate Analyses of Wire Cut Electro Discharge Machining Process
2.Influence of Workpiece Height on Wire-EDM Performance
3.Variation of slot Width in Wire EDM Process
4.Metallirgical Aspects of Ti6A14V Specimens Machined by Wire Electro Discharge Machining

Member of I.S.T.E., M.I.E

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