Established in the year 2014, SAE MACE collegiate club is in the stage of development which will be a vital tool in producing engineers of global standards, nurturing and propelling the passion in budding engineers in the future. SAE MACE comes under the Southern section of SAE India, a strategic alliance partner of SAE International registered in India as an Indian nonprofit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India.

SAEINDIA is India’s leading resource for mobility technology. As an individual member-driven society of mobility practitioners, the ownership of SAEINDIA wrests with its members who are Individuals from the mobility community, which includes Engineers Executives from Industry, Government Officials, Academics, and Students.

SAE MACE has won awards in the regional and national competitions held in various parts of the country.Such events expose students to competitions on a much higher level, thereby equipping them for the competitive world.SAE MACE focuses on the holistic development of students, by providing them with the right kind of exposure required to embark on their dreams.