1993-1997 Alumni sponsored an Industry Recognition Award for the best two projects in the Computer Science and Engineering Department as part of their Silver Jubilee celebrations.


MACE CSE department presented the 'Idea Pitching competition' on 10th March 2022, which is an excellent way for an entrepreneur to open the door to the investment world and make connections that can aid business endeavours.

IEEE Macathon’21

Macathon’21 was a month-long programming challenge conducted exclusively for the students of Mar Athanasius College of Engineering. The event aimed to introduce students to competitive programming, improve their logic, time management, and team spirit, and prepare them for IEEEXtreme. The preliminary rounds were conducted as weekly challenges by maintaining a leaderboard. The final round was conducted in the pattern of IEEEXtreme as a 24 hour- long coding competition.


IEEE MACE has conducted a student professional talk on PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY, and Mr. Eugene Kingsley handled the session on 28th September 2021.


MACE presented the SHESPIRE-IGNITE YOUR PASSION on 27th September 2021. Ms. Sreepriya Radhakrishnan handled the session.


IEEE MACE conducted the Master the Art of Storytelling, and Ms. Gopika Maya Santhosh took the session on 15th September 2021


The series started on 13th November 2020, with the motto, "Learn - Code - Enjoy, " on the coding platform, Codeforces. The long-term study series started with the aim of increasing the coding culture among students and helping them tackle higher-level coding problems. It was not merely a competition but a wonderful opportunity that gave exposure to every participant to compete, learn and enhance their programming skills. Every Codeforces contest was taken as an individual round, and a leader board was set based on the cumulative performance.


Code-A-Way was a 24-hour coding challenge conducted from 16th May 2021, 10:00 AM, to 17th May 2021, 10:00 AM. The language was restricted to Python. The main motive for conducting the event was to test the knowledge and skills of the participants in python programming. The winners of the competition were the team Creation, comprising Naeema Ziyad, Lakshmi Nair, and Dheeraj Nalapat of Mar Athanasius College of Engineering.


Python is considered one of the most important requirements in Big Data and Machine Learning as it has an inbuilt feature of supporting data processing. Py. Learn is an intermediate hands-on workshop organized and conducted by the IEEE CS SBC MACE. It was a 3-day workshop conducted from 11th April to 13th April 2021, the main motive of which was to impart technical knowledge and improve the Python programming ability of the participants. Mr. Karthik K, AI Engineer at Innovation Incubator Advisory, took the session.


"Getting Started with GitHub" was an awareness drive hosted to introduce students to the platform. The session was organized on 3rd May 2021, and it was handled by Mr. Kiran S Baliga, Chair of IEEE CS SBC MACE. The participants were introduced to Git and GitHub. Steps to create an account in GitHub and its verification were demonstrated. Basic instructions and points to be noted while using GitHub were also shared. Details like how to access developer tools and other features were also shown to the participants. The participants were introduced to the Student Developer Pack of GitHub, and its importance was stated. They were also given proper guidelines on how to activate their Student Developer Pack.


An orientation session was held on 25th February 2021. The speakers were Ms. Neenu Chacko, REM Scholar Fall 2020, and Ms. Parvathi J Nair, REM Scholar Fall 2021. They talked about the benefits of being an IEEE CS Member - being able to receive magazines, publications, scholarship opportunities, and much more. Importance of having an IEEE Computer Society email alias was also highlighted.