Academic Facilities

1. Central Library

Widely acknowledged as one of the best libraries in the state, this well-furnished, fully computerized digital library with computer-aided search facilities is at the students' disposal. The library maintains more than 76000 volumes of textbooks and reference books in over 25387 titles and subscribes to 117 journals and 32 periodicals, national and international, to keep the students abreast of the latest advancements and modern trends in various fields of science and technology. The library subscribes to different dailies besides other informative magazines. Students can get photocopies or soft copies of the study materials for further reference. The library is connected by LAN of campus and the internet.

2. Central Computing Centre

The institution has a full-fledged central computer center with sufficient numbers of latest generation systems and computer labs in various departments. It is a central facility that caters to the computing needs of faculty members and students. It also conducts short-term computer courses for students of all branches to keep them abreast of the trends in modern soft wares. A reference library is also available inside the lab.

3. IT Centre

The information technology center is the heart of the computing resource of the college as well as the kernel of the internet connection. This center consists of the latest and state-of-the-art machines satisfying the high-performance computing requirements. It also supports an institution-wide fiber-optic network that connects various departments, laboratories, central library, hostels, and offices. The campus network is connected to the internet through broadband connectivity and downstream satellite connectivity.

4. Digital Classroom

Satellite technology is considered essential to reach out to the masses with educational and developmental messages. To develop educational video programmes in the area of higher education, Educational Media Research Centres and Audio Visual Research Centers were set up by the Government of India. The digital classroom, with a floor area of 50 sq.m, located inside the Central Computing Facility, intends to connect educational television channels and interactive sessions of professors that broadcast from reputed institutes around the country.


Any form of technical education is incomplete without imparting proper hands-on training. To accomplish this, 50 laboratories and 10 workshops are set up in the institution on an area of 8503 sq.m. Along with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure for fulfilling the program-specific curriculum of Kerala Technical University, these labs also offer research facilities. IoT and Fab Laboratories are two recent additions to the laboratory facilities of the institution.