Disciplinary Action Committee

Maintaining student discipline is an essential and fundamental necessity for the proper functioning of the institution. Every student is required to observe discipline and decorous behaviour. To take action against breach of discipline, the institution has a Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC), constituted by the Principal of the college. DAC is headed by a department head and has three other senior faculty members drawn from different departments as members.

Any act of indiscipline and misbehaviour by the student will be referred to the Disciplinary Action Committee. Actions are to be based on the severity of the offense and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Any act of unfair practice in examinations will be referred to the Disciplinary Action Committee. Malpractices in examinations shall be viewed seriously, and any such incident observed or reported by a faculty member or an invigilator associated with the examinations shall be reported to the Principal, who in turn shall refer it to DAC. On the basis of the report and evidence available or gathered, DAC shall immediately initiate an enquiry giving the concerned student a chance to explain his/her case. Based on this, the committee shall recommend the course of action in line with the guidelines formulated by the Controller of Examination of the University and forward it to the Principal for action. Guidelines on this shall be given by the Controller of Examination, which is to be followed by the Disciplinary Action Committee of the college. In case of malpractices in the end semester examinations, the report given by the college DAC and the action taken by the Principal shall be intimated to the Controller of Examination of the University.

Committee Members
  • Dr. Arun Kumar S, Dept. of Science and Humanities (Convener)
  • Dr. Soni Kuriakose, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (Member)
  • Prof. Sachin Paul, Dept. of Civil Engineering (Member)
  • Prof. Nisha Markose, Dept. of Computer Application (Member)