Hostel Facilities

College provides hostel facilities separately for both boys and girls. A senior member of the staff is appointed as the warden who looks after the day-to-day affairs and general discipline of the hostel. The total intake of gent's hostel is 570 and ladies' hostel is 510. There is telephonic access to all rooms and round-the-clock Wi-Fi connectivity in the hostel. Accommodations are available for visiting faculty members and resource persons attending various programmes. Affectionate discipline and tasty food at moderate rates are the distinctive features of the MACE hostels.

Ladies Hostel Intake

Name of Hostel No. of Rooms Occupancy
Old Block 32 198
New Block 1 54 175
New Block 2 35 137

Men's Hostel Intake

Name of Hostel No. of Rooms Occupancy
M B Hostel 108 112
HS-1 Hostel 16 64
HS-2 Hostel 10 40
Kennedy Hostel 40 160
New Hostel 163 194

MACE Men’s Hostel Details

  •    There are five men's hostels.
  •    For admission, preference is given to academic performance.
  •    Men’s hostel administration includes hostel managers, warden, and chief warden.
  •    Elected hostel secretary and mess secretary assist the running of hostels and mess.
  •    Two hostel managers and four hostel boys
  •    24 hours water supply.
  •    Dividing mess system with student involvement.
  •    Mess secretaries from each hostel govern the day-to-day affairs of the mess.
  •    Modern kitchen with all facilities.
  •    Mess staff includes an executive chef, cook, mess manager, and 15 helpers.
  •    Two mess halls with a capacity of 170 seats each.
  •    Biogas plant
  •    Sewage treatment plant
  •    Solar water heater for kitchen
  •    Wi-Fi availability
  •    Gymnasium
  •    Shuttle badminton court
  •    Separate reading room for each hostel.