Research and Consultancy Centre

1. Fluidized Bed

The research program under professor: Paulose M.M. titled “Fluidized Bed Drying and its Application in Agricultural Produces” funded by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, developed different types of distributors for swirling fluidized bed. This program facilitates research work in swirling fluidized bed at various levels. The research is leading to the design and development of energy efficient fluidized bed driers for agricultural produces like Cardamom, Pepper, Coffee, Cocoa and ayurvedic tablets. The swirling fluidized bed developed has the potential to make Solid waste incinerator oil sludge incinerator bio-mass incinerator coal combustor rice husk combustor zinc roster etc.

2. High Performance Concrete

This is a research work done by Professor Mathews M Paul (Details to add later)

3. Consultancy works

Quality Analysis of Aggregates for concrete works.
Structural design of Industrial buildings.
Design of water treatment plants.
Concrete Mix Design.
Structural Design of bridges and suspension bridges.
Testing of various building components and materials.
Structural design of Multistoried buildings.
Earthquake resistant design of RCC and Steel Structures.