Rules and Regulations


Mar Athanasius College of Engineering is your foster mother, and the campus is your home. The Management, the Teaching/Non-Teaching, and Administrative personnel of the college treat all the students with love and affection, and they are guided with good interest in the progress and well-being of the students. Do your best to preserve the academic ambience of the campus. Pay special attention to maintaining cleanliness in the environment-friendly campus.

Every student of the college shall carefully note the following rules and accepted traditions and try to respect them both in letter and spirit.

  • The students are advised to keep themselves aware of the institute rules. They are also advised to go through detailed hostel rules and prevention of ragging rules. Ignorance of rules shall not be an excuse for violation.
  • The authorized communication media between the students and the college is the notice boards, campus management portal-Etlab, and the college website. The students are expected to read the notice boards regularly. The college will not be responsible for any loss of information to students due to their negligence.
  • All students must possess and exhibit their college identity cards on campus and must be produced on-demand to any institute staff member or any other person authorized by the Institute. If the card is lost or damaged, a replacement card may be issued at the student's expense on the recommendation of the Faculty Advisor and permission from the Principal/HOD on submission of a written request. The card must be returned to the office when the student completes the course or leaves the college during the course.
  • No student shall enter or leave a class without the permission of the faculty or until the class is dismissed. Students should arrive at the class on time. Students who are late will not be allowed to enter the class.
  • The absence of a student on any day shall be with prior intimation to the Faculty Advisor / HOD. If that is not possible, an application for leave for the period of absence shall be submitted to the Faculty Advisor on the very first day of his/her return to the college, giving reasons thereof, accompanied by relevant documents such as medical/fitness certificates. The Faculty Advisor may recommend the leave application with relevant documents to the HOD. The Principal shall be the sole authority to grant leave for such absence based on the recommendation of the Head of the Department.
  • Students should park their vehicles only in the prescribed parking area. The Institute will not be responsible for the security of the vehicles. Students should obey all the government traffic rules inside and outside the campus. Defaulters within the campus will be penalized.
  • Politically based student organizations are banned inside the campus. Students indulging in and involving themselves in any political activity on the college campus are liable to be summarily dismissed from the college.
  • Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting on the college campus unless meetings are convened and organized by the college authorities.
  • No student shall circulate any notice or petition of any kind, display posters, banners, or boards, use a megaphone/loudspeaker, paste or write anything on the campus and premises or collect money without the permission of the Principal.
  • Unauthorized entries of outsiders into the campus, as well as the hostels, are strictly prohibited.
  • Students shall not respond to any call for any form of strike or agitation, including slogan shouting, dharna, gherao, and shall not obstruct the entry of fellow students to the college or indulge in anything which may cause disruption to classes or may harm the peaceful atmosphere of the Institution. If any student violates the above regulation, he is liable to be dismissed from the college summarily.
  • Students are prohibited from indulging in anti-institutional, anti-national, anti-social, communal, immoral, or political activities and expressions within the campus and the hostels.
  • Students who are charged with a criminal offence or under suspension will not be allowed to enter the college campus without the permission of the Principal.
  • Any student who is persistently insubordinate, guilty of malpractice in connection with examinations, or likely to have an unwholesome influence over his fellow students shall be removed from the rolls. The removal shall be either temporary or permanent according to the gravity of the offence.
  • All inmates of the college shall pay special attention to good manners, gentlemanly behaviour, modest dress, order, and cleanliness, and shall do everything to maintain their dignity as human beings and to keep the good name of the Institution.
  • Students are expected to be polite, well-behaved, and to respect the Teaching, Non-Teaching, Administrative, and all other personnel of the college in general.
  • Students should show self-respect, responsibility, and respect for other students irrespective of gender.
  • Students should not provoke or harass their fellow students in any way and, in general, do not endanger the lives or the bodily integrity of any person.
  • Students should adhere to the dress code prescribed by the Institution. Boys should wear pants and a shirt; girls should wear a churidar set or pants and shirt. The appearance should be neat and decent. Low waist trousers, short tops, tight dresses, round neck and literature T-shirts, dhotis etc. are not permitted. In workshops and labs, the prescribed uniform is compulsory.
  • No student, on any account, shall make chalk or pencil/pen marks or drawing on walls and furniture. A Fine will be imposed for such behaviour.
  • Students shall not disfigure or damage public and college properties. Violation will lead to the imposition of a fine.
  • No student shall throw any waste materials on the floor or ground carelessly. They shall drop them in the litter bins provided to maintain cleanliness.
  • Students are expected to spend their free hours in the library, central computer centre or IT centre. They should not loiter or crowd inside the campus.