The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has been an integral part of Mar Athanasius College of Engineering for over 30 years. The Department conducts some of the most sought-after programmes in the state, offering a quality training curriculum. This is among the first few technical institutes in Kerala to offer training in this highly sophisticated engineering field. The Department is well established with a separate block of its own and all modern laboratory facilities. Its faculty includes trained tutors from various top institutes in the country, such as IITs and IISc.

Salient Features:

The electronics industry, which emerged in the 20th century, is a global industry with rapid advancements. The programmes offered by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering contain courses with wide applications in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, Industrial Control, Medical Electronics, Aeronautics, Military, Internet Technology, etc. The courses include Embedded Systems, Electronic Circuit Design, VLSI, Digital Signal Processing, Analog and Digital Communication, Microwave engineering, Antenna Theory, Bio-Medical Engineering, etc. The Department is equipped with extensive fabrication and testing facilities for carrying out academic projects and sponsored research in various areas relevant to the industry. The Research and Consultancy Centre in the Department supports Ph.D. students to do their scientific and technological research related to areas of Electronics. The Department houses a PCB Fabrication Lab, enabling the students to fabricate their own Printed Circuit Boards for their academic projects. An IoT Lab is also available, which aids the students in working on different projects related to the newly emerged technology of the Internet of Things. With the assistance of the Training and Placement Cell of the college, students of this Department have secured excellent job placements in various companies worldwide. Our alumni include engineers in high-profile companies such as IBM, Intel, Bosch, Siemens, Broadcom, Philips, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Honeywell, Accenture, Huawei, Cognizant, IBS, Quest Global, etc. Besides academic work, the Electronics and Communication Association functions very actively in the college and conducts seminars & workshops on emerging technologies regularly. Department ensures that students get exposure to the latest advancements and trends in engineering through such programmes and industrial training.

  • PEO 1 : Provide graduates with a capability to establish as an entrepreneur.
  • PEO 2 : Provide socially committed graduates who could impart their analytical abilities towards research and development activities.
  • PEO 3 : Provide academicians with research aptitude who could effectively disseminate theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • PEO 4 : Provide technically competent engineers who could substantially contribute to the software and hardware industry.
  • PSO 1 : Graduates with capabilities to design analog and digital circuits using state of the art technology.
  • PSO 2 : Graduates with adequate mathematical and analytical skills who could take up emerging signal processing problems.
  • PSO 3 : Graduates with know-how in advancements of communication engineering who could blend theory and practice for the societal needs.