Admission and Rules


The admissions to first year BTech and MCA course is based on the ranks obtained in the State Entrance Examinations conducted by Commissioner of Entrance Examinations. Admissions to MTech aided courses are based on the rank list prepared by the DTE, Thiruvananthapuram. For all the above courses, 85% seats are admitted by the state Government and remaining 15% of the seats are filled by the management based on the ranks obtained in the list published by DTE. Engineering diploma holders are eligible for admissions to second year BTech based on the entrance test conducted by State Government Technical directorate. MTech in Computer Aided Structural Engineering and Production and Industrial Engineering are self financing courses. For both of these courses, 50% of the seats are filled by the management based on the ranklist published by the DTE.


Students belonging to the SC, ST, OEC and converts from these communities are eligible for full fee concession, lump sum grant for purchase of books, free boarding and lodging charges in college hostels or other Government hostels or monthly stipend at the rate fixed by the Government from time to time. All students having an annual family income less than Rs 1,00,000 are eligible for KPCR fee concession.


A working day consists of the forenoon and afternoon sessions of three periods each. The teacher will mark the attendance in the beginning of each period. Students are expected to have 100% attendance. A candidate shall be permitted to appear for the Semester-End examinations only if he/she secures not less than 75% attendance in the total number of working periods during each semester. However, in case of illness or any other contingencies, the student may be allowed to write the end semester examination on the recommendation of the Principal in accordance with the following norms. • The shortage shall not be more than 15% (which means the student must have at least 60% attendance) • This concession is applicable only to any two semesters during the entire programme.


Each class will have a Faculty Advisor who will be a teaching faculty of respective department and will be the in-charge of all activities concerning the class. The Faculty Advisor will guide the students for all their academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Each student of the class can reveal their concerns regarding academic, personal, interpersonal or any other problems to the Faculty Advisor and avail advice. All the submissions and applications to the Principal or HOD should be recommended by the Faculty Advisor.


Each class is divided into groups of 15 students. Each of these group will have a mentor who will be a faculty member of the respective department. The mentor will have close relationships with the group students in their academic, personal and career matters.


Absence of a student on any day shall be with prior intimation to the Faculty Advisor/HOD and if that is not possible, an application for leave for the period of absence shall be submitted to the Faculty Advisor on the very first day of his/her return to the college giving reasons thereof and accompanied by relevant documents such as medical and fitness certificates. Duty leaves are given to students who are not able to attend the class due to co-curricular/extra curricular activities allowed by the Principal. In such cases a duty leave application should be submitted to the Principal after getting recommendation from the faculty in-charge of the activity, Faculty Advisor and HOD.


At least two internal assessment examinations will be conducted and at least two assignments will be given in a semester for each subject from which average of two tests will have 80% weightage and assignments will have 20% weightage each for a theory subject. Students are warned that frequent absence from class will affect their internal assessment marks. Absence from a test paper will result in corresponding reduction in the internal assessment marks.


When a student is absent from a Test Paper/Internal Examination he/she will not generally be given another chance for the test missed by him/her. In cases, where the student is constrained to be absent from a Test on genuine grounds, he/she should report the fact before commencement of the test, to the Faculty Advisor or Head of the Department with evidence to prove the genuineness for his/her absence. If the Head of the Department is convinced that absence from the test is due to reasons beyond control of the student, then a substitute test may be permitted.


Registration is necessary for admitting students to higher semesters and it is valid up to a maximum of one semester at a time. A student who has secured 75% of attendance and has exhibited satisfactory progress in the class will be eligible for promotion to the next higher semester. The student also must meet other eligibility criteria prescribed by the university. To be registered, a student must clear the dues from the labs/libraries if any, and should get the approval of Faculty Advisor and HOD.