The fundamental concepts of different analog and digital communication systems such as microwave, optical and satellite communication are illustrated by means of different experiments. The lab is equipped with advanced microwave and optical bench setups and satellite communication system.

Computer aided design and simulation is essential in the modern world. The software tools available in the lab to support this need are Orcad, Matlab, Proteus, Xilinx ISE, Modelsim and C/C++ compilers .

The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department library consists of a wide collection of materials like text books, reference books, project reports, seminar reports and CD ROMs. The collection also consists of previous years university question papers and short term course notes. The library caters to all academic and advanced research information needs of the staff and students of the Department.

With the advent of ICs there is a revolutionary change in the art of electronic design. To keep pace with this change students can realize the digital and analog circuits in this lab.

Gives the student an exposure to essential electronic components, devices, equipments in the lab and soldering practice. Testing and trouble shooting of student projects are also provided in this lab

It aids in familiarizing the advanced microcontrollers and DSP, which finds numerous real time applications in industry, research and medical electronics. This lab is supported by microcontrollers, DSP, CPLD, FPGA kits and Universal Programmer.

Complete PCB making right from layout film development, etching, drilling and lead tinning.