The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a worldwide society of Engineers that sets standards for engineering equipment. ASME has always strived to model budding engineers with virtues and ethics. The Student Section of ASME in MACE, ASME MACE STUDENT SECTION, constantly tries to dissolve the disciplinary barriers by working with the students. Our aim is to enhance the technical and soft skills of budding engineers. Members of ASME are provided with a string of opportunities that improves their academic and technical knowledge.

  • Recently, ASME Team TECHNOCRATS secured a Global Rank of 6 for the Extended Reality Challenge (XRC) - A virtual Autonomous Vehicle Design and Simulation Challenge conducted globally by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) during the E-fest 2022. The ASME MACE Team had designed a Hyperskills based CAD model of an off-road (4x4) Vehicle and competed against other teams during an autonomous race on a virtual race track. Our students have achieved this remarkable position, competing against world-class Universities over different continents.
  • Students' Team from MACE has secured a Global Rank of 9 in the Student robotic Design Competition (SDC) conducted by the American Society Of Mechanical Engineers ( ASME ) during the Efest 2022.