The highly competitive environment in which students live today leads to emotional and psychological turmoil resulting in depression and mental degeneration. Students of all ages are being pressured to excel everywhere. Under this circumstance, they need a mentor or counsellor to regain peace of mind and help them face the modern world's challenges.

The college has formed a special cell for guiding and counseling the students with this view in mind. Personality development and empowering minds to meet challenges are of prime concern. The cell provides overall guidance to the students of the college. The Counselling Cell has been constituted in the college to provide guidance for achieving the following objectives :

  • To cultivate good habits and self-confidence in students.
  • To analyse the situations that cause stress among students.
  • To embolden students to make proper decisions at the right time.
  • To give proper advice to students for avoiding procrastinating behaviour in their studies.
  • To familiarize them with different strategies of stress management.
  • To improve skills in problem-solving.
  • To understand the significance of time and money management
  • To make students aware of challenges in this multifaceted society
Student Counsellor : Smt. Anet Paul
Faculty-in-charge : Dr. Vinu Prakash
E-mail :