Teaching learning process is a cycle that completes and restarts with the feedback collected and analyzed from the respective stakeholders. This assesses the learning outcomes periodically and helps in revising the curriculum. General and Curriculum-based feedback is obtained from the students and faculty periodically at the end of each semester, using the on-campus portal, Etlab. From employers, the feedback is collected by the training and placement office and directly by the departments. Frequent feedback is also collected from Alumni and Industry experts. Alumni feedback is collected directly by the departments or during the meeting of local chapters or during the global alumni meets. Feedback is also collected during their official visit to the college. The structured feedback forms are available on the college website. The feedback thus collected is analyzed, giving due consideration to the suggestive statements. The conclusions of the feedback analysis are discussed in the departmental meeting and taken to IQAC / college council as required. The suggestions of these discussions are later put forward at the BoS meeting or during the design of value-added courses.

Faculty Feedback Alumni Survey Employer Survey Graduate Exit Survey