Scrap Policy

The below policy is designed for reference in the event of any equipment becoming unserviceable or damaged beyond repair. The equipment must be declared unserviceable and disposed as per below procedure.
To dispose/ scrap the equipment, the concerned lab in charge must submit the request letter (after receipt of necessary signatures including that of the Principal) to the Joint Director of technical education. The letter should clearly mention the reason for scrap of the equipment. While categorizing the proposed scrap, proper thought shall be given to the life served by the equipment/machinery, its usage in any alternate area of work, obsolescence of technology, efficiency improvement and economy of repair and retention.

In order to a scrap any equipment, the below supporting documents must be submitted by the lab in charge along with the request:

  • Cost of the equipment at the time of purchase
  • Year of purchase
  • Document containing information regarding the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Repair bills. A minimum of three repair bills must be produced for any equipment to be declared scrap.

Upon receipt of the request, the Joint Director of technical education will nominate a committee of at least three members to verify if the equipment is to be scrapped.
The scrap procedure including the financial evaluation will need to be followed as per the Joint DTE committee recommendation. In the event the Committee recommends that the equipment is not to be scrapped the reason as to why such action could not be taken must be recorded.