Policy for Campus and Infrastructure Maintenance

A systematic procedure is followed for the maintenance of college campus and infrastructure. The Maintenance policy of the institute aims to ensure effective maintenance and management of various amenities including buildings, classrooms, and equipments.

  • A Construction and Maintenance office is functioning in the college. The maintenance activities are overseen by a Faculty in-charge and assisted by a Supervisor and 3 support staffs. Heads of Departments also can report the maintenance works in their departments. The HODs are required to seek the advice and consent of the Principal for maintenance works. Principal forwards such requests to the Construction and maintenance office and the complaints regarding infrastructure are recorded in a register maintained in the Construction and Maintenance office by the Supervisor. Maintenance and repair works are executed with the help of workers. A carpentry unit with three carpenters is functioning in the college to execute carpentry maintenance works.
  • Water wells are chlorinated and cleaned once in two months. Water tanks are also cleaned once in two months. Periodical activities such as painting, road tarring and maintenance and roofing & ceiling work are outsourced.
  • The Heads of Departments upkeep the systems, instruments, computers and equipment available in the various departments with the assistance of the supporting staff. A stock register is maintained in the department for the equipment and computers in the department. Annual stock verification is conducted every year and the status of furniture, lab equipment, stationery, ICT facilities, Library, sports items and all other assets is collected. All the items usable are accordingly repaired and maintained.


  • The maintenance and repair of equipment is done by the respective departments with the help of technical staffs as well as external agencies, if required.
  • Each department of the institute carries out the calibration and maintenance of the measuring instruments periodically.
  • All other equipment in the laboratories is maintained regularly.
  • The in-house maintenance and repairs are addressed by the respective department technicians who are qualified and trained.
  • Major problems and repairs will be attended in consultation with the suppliers following the central purchase procedure.

Class Rooms

  • Faculty advisor of each class periodically check the condition of classroom amenities like benches, chairs, black boards, fans, lights and ICT facilities.
  • The problem is resolved through the Head of the Department following the internal operating procedure.


  • The maintenance of library is taken care by Librarian and her supporting staff. Internal periodic audits are done in the library for maintaining wellness of the books. Frequent interactions are made by the librarian with the students and faculty to know the short falls and take necessary action to overcome them.
  • Library committee with a Professor – in charge of Library and faculty members from each department is vested with responsibility of scheduling and coordinating all the maintenance activities of the library.

Computer and ICT Facilities

  • The Central Computer Centre is headed by a Professor who shall be responsible for maintaining the firewall, LAN connectivity, Campus Wi-Fi and internet connectivity throughout the institute.
  • Maintenance of computer systems is carried out by technical staffs of the respective department. If the department is not able to resolve the issue, the problem is referred to technicians appointed in Central Computer Centre. In case the problem persists, the same is referred to the outside vendor.
  • The functioning of college intranet and internet facility is monitored and maintained by the technicians in the Central Computer Centre.
  • Fiber Optic cable issues are maintained with the support from vendor.
  • Any upgradations or modification of the existing Network Model is carried out by inviting quotations from external agencies by following the central purchase procedure.

Electrical Systems Maintenance

  • An Electrical officer and Electrician are appointed for the maintenance and repair of electrical systems.
  • Periodical monitoring of electrical systems such as solar PV system and generator is done and the suppliers/service providers are approached in case of any major fault.
  • Major electrical equipment is covered under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) by the suppliers.
  • Adequate number of UPS are installed in each department to ensure uninterrupted power supply for all computers.

Sports and Games Facilities

  • The indoor and outdoor stadiums, gymnasium, playgrounds, and all other sporting equipment are regularly supervised and maintained by the Physical Director with the help of supporting staff.

Other Facilities

  • Water filters and coolers which provides 24 X 7 drinking water facility, is maintained with periodic testing of the quality of water in the Environmental Engineering laboratory.
  • One faculty member is appointed as transport in-charge to supervise and maintain all transport facilities of the institution with the help of supporting staff.
  • Adequate man power is employed to maintain cleanliness of the campus, Classrooms, Staff rooms, Seminar halls and Laboratories, wash rooms and rest rooms for good ambience.
  • The Green Cover of the campus is well maintained by full time gardeners as well as contractual labourers.
  • The campus security is monitored through surveillance Cameras and is maintained by a supplier under AMC.
  • The college has Canteen facility where subsidized food is provided to staff and students. The maintenance of the canteen is the responsibility of canteen manager under the supervision of a staff in-charge.