Women Cell & Gender Sensitization Cell

The gender sensitization cell of MACE envisions creating a positive environment on the campus where every individual irrespective of their gender, feels welcomed and valued. It aims to instill a sense of personal security and dignity among the staff and the students. The cell focuses on encouraging the participants to address issues in gender equality and embolden them to pursue solutions. It intends to mould students to be responsible leaders and gender equality advocates who can nurture an enabling environment of gender justice.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • The cell tries to make a forum for open dialogue and discussion on gender issues.
  • To create awareness about equality in law, social system, and democratic activities through lectures, workshops, seminars, debates, etc.
  • Promote a gender-sensitive environment that enables women and men to perform to their full potential.
  • To identify and train students to advocate for gender equality
  • To examine all grievances on sexual/psychological/emotional/physical harassment and bring out a solution as per the capability of the college as an academic institution.
Committee Members :
Sl. No Name Designation Committee
1 Prof. Beena M Varghese Associate Professor Chairman
2 Prof. Sonia Abraham Assistant professor Member
3 Prof. Sithara Jeyaraj Assistant professor Member
4 Prof. Berlin Sabu Assistant professor Member
5 Prof. Dileep R Sekhar Assistant professor Member