Waste Management Policy

Mar Athanasius College of Engineering (MACE) Waste Management Policy articulates commitment to reducing its environmental impacts through effective Waste Management and sustainable practices in converting Waste to resource. The Campus strives to work for obtaining a Zero Waste plan thus obtaining its Eco friendly status through the policy of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.


  • Reducing, re-using, recycling Waste.
  • Minimising the generation of Waste.
  • Minimising the consumption of natural resources.
  • Treating and safely disposing of Waste to reduce the pollution.
  • Promoting and ensuring the effective delivery of Waste services.
  • Achieving integrated Waste Management reporting and planning.
  • Ensure that the stakeholders are aware of the impact of Waste on their health, wellbeing and the environment through Awareness programs
  • Increase consumer awareness of Waste minimization issues
  • Ensure the protection of the environment through effective Waste Management measures.
  • Encourage Waste to energy options through projects and research work
  • Ensure segregation of Waste at the source
  • Train faculty, non-teaching staff, students and housekeeping staff to make the Institute a role model in the area of waste management by sustainable practices..
  • Promote Collaborations with Govt. Bodies/Industries/NGOs to promote sustainable practices in the Campus

Initiatives of MACE

  • Biogas plant: There are two biogas plants, one in the Men’s hostel and the other in the ladies hostel. In both plants, biowaste is directly processed and the gas produced is used for cooking purpose.
  • Liquid waste management: The sewage discharges from the water closets are connected to the anaerobic treatment plant. The outlet slurry is discharged to the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). After treatment, it is collected in equalizer tank and further treated to produce water which is used for gardening and cricket ground wetting. The solid sediments are removed every 6 months and are used as manure.
  • E-waste management: The college has signed MoU with Green Sustain waste management company to collect e-waste from the campus and outside. The collected e-waste is recycled and reused by certified agencies.
  • Plastic Waste Management: M. A. College Association owns a shredding facility. Plastic waste is shredded and used in bitumen for road tarring.
  • Hazardous chemicals and radioactive waste management : Charcoal pit based waste management system is available to reduce the toxicity of chemical effluents from Chemistry and Environment Labs.
  • Concrete cubes after destructive tests are used for pavement and construction of platform in the class rooms.
  • Sanitary Waste Incinerator is available in Ladies hostel.