SAE MACE is one of the most prestigious and elite technical clubs in the college. It aims at offering students an opportunity to shine in core engineering disciplines, thus developing the necessary skills required to ace national-level design and fabrication competitions. Found in 2014, the club continues its triumphant stride as one of the leading collegiate chapters of SAE India in the state, with over 250+ active members, two Faculty advisors, Dr. Georgekutty S Mangalath and Dr. Biju Cherian, who guide the club in the right direction towards excellence.
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SAE MACE Women Cell

The club has a women's cell branch with the growing encouragement to engage women in engineering activities. It aims to conduct and promote programs and competitions that help increase women's participation in engineering activities.

  • Supra
    Teams design and fabricate a formula-style vehicle as per the design standards of SAE International. The final event will be conducted in the Buddh circuit, where the event is conducted in stages, static and dynamic.
  • EBaja
    The Baja SAE tasks the students to design, fabricate and validate a single-seater four-wheeled off-road electric vehicle. It is the first of its kind competition in the world.
  • MBaja
    Mbaja is a global intercollegiate design competition facilitated by the SAE, which involves designing, manufacturing, and racing small off-road cars. IC engine-run vehicles are used in the competition with an appearance similar to buggies.

Event timelines
  • MBaja - Final Event at Punjab on April 6, 2022
  • EBaja - Final Event at Bangalore on May 6, 2022
  • E Go-kart - Final Event in June, 2022

Previous Achievements
  • TDC - AIR-1 , 2021
  • EBaja - AIR-18, 2021
  • ADC - AIR-19, 2021
  • ADC - Kerala 1st
Webinars and Internships

Execom members of SAE MACE are diligent in conducting various technical and cultural programs both online and offline. We conducted the program "From the flight deck" online with more than 100 participants. Other enthusiastic programs conducted were "Women's day talk," "CNC milling workshop" and more. An internship on IC engines was conducted with more than 750+ participants.