curriculum planning

Curriculum planning is the selection and sequential arrangement of the content and learning experiences presented to the learner. Curriculum development precedes curriculum planning. All stakeholders of the education system are involved in the process. It considers everything that will make the curriculum recipients functional members of their society. The institution takes the following steps and documenting procedures for effective curriculum delivery.

  • The department advisory board (DAB) comprises stakeholders from industries, academic institutes, alumni, the head of the department, and stream coordinators. The recommendations on curriculum revisions are evolved during DAB meetings. Proposals from reputed alumni, industrial experts, and academicians from higher education institutions are considered. Guidance to promote industry-institute interaction to bridge the curriculum gap is coordinated by DAB.
  • The courses offered by a department are clustered into different streams headed by a stream coordinator. The Programme Assessment Committee (PAC) is constituted of subject experts of the institute, stream coordinators, and the institute's stakeholders. The committee plans effective curriculum delivery methods from the experiences based on their teaching, research, and consultancy practices, and proposes necessary add-on courses for the skill development of the students. The committee also scrutinizes the PEO attainment, PO, and PSO mapping.
  • The class advisory committee (CAC) comprises student representatives, faculty advisors, and parent representatives. It is chaired by the class committee chairman. The committee considers the grievances from students and feedback on content delivery and facilities. The course coverage by the faculty before the internal assessment is discussed in the meeting. The committee also scrutinizes the CO-PO attainment.
  • The recommendations from the committees mentioned above, including DAB, PAC, and CAC, are forwarded to be considered in the HOD meeting. The decisions from the HOD meeting are then directed towards IQAC/College Council through the Principal.
  • The following flowchart shows the roles of the academic statutory bodies in the process of planning and delivery of the curriculum: