Course Materials

Civil Engineering
Dr. Prabha C - Stiffness Methods for Systematic Analysis
Dr. Anu James - Budget - Master Budget
Prof. Basil Jaimon - Soil Mechanics
Details of the construction of a steel framed house...
NPTEL course by Prof. Sachin Paul on Uni-axial tensile test of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) panel
Lecture series on Geotechnical engineering by Dr Balu E George
Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Prof. Anu George - Principle of Operation of BLDC Motor
Prof. Elizabeth Paul-Fundamental Torque Equation
Prof. Kavitha Issac - Universal Gates
Prof. Kiran - Boby Design Process Steps
Prof. Thomas P Rajan - Transfer Function Pole Zero Concept
Prof. Babu Thomas - Power Electronics
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Prof.Thomas Mohan- System on Chip(SoC)
Prof. Basil J Paul- Transfer Function of Mechanical Translational Systems
Computer Science & Engineering
Prof. Ani Sunny- computer networks
Prof. Eldo P Elias Security in Computing
Prof. Joby George- Data Structures
Computer Application
Prof. Liji Jose P- Cloud Computing
Prof. Merin Joy M- Computer Organi
Prof. Alin Sheba Mathew - Combination with repetition
Prof. Rani Thomas - One Dimensional Heat Equation
Prof. Shiny S Lal- Formation of PDE
Prof. Sisy George - Discrete Probability Distribution
Science & Humanities
Dr.Arun Kumar - The Tax System
Dr.Nisha Mathew - Electro Chemistry
Prof. Tessy Isaac - Super Conductivity